Virtual Classes

Virtual group classes

Our virtual group classes provide an alternative to in-person classes and offer unique benefits. With a virtual class, we can see your puppy or dog in his home environment, troubleshoot issues you’re having with problem behaviors, and answer any training questions you might have in real time. You can comfortably train alongside and cheer your classmates’ progress without distractions in a quiet environment.

Miss a training tip or want to review all of the nuances of teaching a specific skill?

Watch your class recording as many times as you like until our next online meeting. Class materials include all class videos, training videos, and written training notes. We’ll also be reviewing your work, as much as you like, via any videos or notes you send to us by phone or email.

Need an alternative to in-person classes?

Is your current training class on-hold or cancelled? Now is the time to start training your puppy, maintain current obedience skills, or provide fun challenges that enrich your dog’s life. Purely Positive virtual group classes can change your relationship with your dog and create good manners where there is chaos. Is your dog afraid of strangers, unknown dogs, or new environments? Is car travel challenging? Online training is the solution.

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Puppy Preschool

This four week class is for puppies aged 8 to 12 weeks. We’ll discuss how to set-up a great routine for your household. Then we’ll focus on crate games and crate training, fast potty training, how to cope with biting and nipping, teaching your puppy his or her name (and how to pay attention to you!), and basic skills such as sit, down, and come.

Smart Puppy Class

This four week class is for puppies aged 12 to 24 weeks. We’ll cover basic skills including sit, down, stay, go to your crate, wait at the door, leave it, touch, polite leash walking, and come when called. We’ll also focus on biting and nipping, and greeting people without jumping up.

Teenage Dog Fundamentals

This four week class is for dogs from 6 to 16 months of age. We’ll cover basic to intermediate sit and down stays, leave it, go to your bed, polite leash walking without pulling towards dogs and people, come when called away from distractions, and polite greetings without jumping up.

Trick Dog Class

This four week class is for any puppy or dog who has already learned sit, down, and stay. We’ll cover some of our favorite tricks including wave, touch, sit pretty, take a bow, rollover, spin – and some exciting new tricks as well!

So whether you want to get ahead of the game, or you’re struggling to keep your head above water, my virtual group classes offer EVERYTHING you need to look like a PRO and actually ENJOY doing it.

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Here’s how Virtual Classes have been a game changer!

“My puppy Quinn made very nice progress in the Purely Positive puppy class this spring. The virtual format class would progress each week with obedience training, and new exercises given. Susan Marett demonstrated new skills with her dogs in real time, then gave positive feedback as we tried the skill from our home. She would follow up with an email with our homework for the week, including links to video’s and articles. Overall, it was a great experience, and I would recommend Susan, and virtual learning.”
Cindy Miller, Mt. Pleasant