Puppy Training

Is your cute puppy driving you crazy?

He NEVER stops biting, peeing, and whining when crated. Contact me for real-life puppy training results.

I want you to enjoy a full night’s sleep again or watch your favorite show without removing another shoe from your puppy’s mouth every two seconds.

Resolve Your Puppy Problems

Your puppy is preciouswhen he’s sleeping. He poops on your rugs and rips your clothes with his razor-sharp teeth. Your puppy NEVER relaxes. You read that dogs are den animals, and they like their crates. However, your puppy shrieks so loudly when crated that your kids retreat to their rooms—even though they begged for a puppy.

Let me restore peace in your home with positive puppy training.

Why Should I Be Your Puppy Trainer?

  • Your routine, your way: I’ll come to your home as often as you need, and set up a training schedule designed around your jam-packed life.
  • Practical puppy training plan: Together, we’ll teach your puppy where to potty, how to love his crate, and what he’s allowed to chew—and not chew.
  • All the basics: We’ll cover core training commands like sit, down, stay, leash walking, and come.
  • Socialization, the right way: I’ll create a simple socialization plan, so your puppy grows into a happy, well-adjusted dog.
  • Troubleshoot behavior problems: With years of dog training experience, I’ll recognize and redirect troublesome behaviors before they get out of control.

Three one-hour sessions for $425 or five one-hour sessions for $650

Get Results Today

Purely Positive Puppy Classes

Join my next Kinderpuppy Class! We’ll teach your puppy key commands in a fun atmosphere, with tons of socialization.

I’ll show you commands like sit, down, stay, leave it, wait at doors, eye contact, loose leash walking, and come. We’ll also practice appropriate dog and people interactions. Ready to teach your puppy manners around distractions and instill confidence? We’ll cover that too, so he grows up to be a well-balanced family pet. Plus, I’ll give you real-life guidance on housetraining, nipping, jumping, and address any worrisome behaviors.

Six-week class for $265

Purely Positive Puppy Day Training

Need help before class starts? Calm the chaos in your home. Schedule Your First Private Puppy Training Session today.

Are you struggling with housebreaking and crate training? Does your puppy chew on everything, except his chew toys? Is your adorable puppy much more work than you expected? Let me train your puppy while you work or tend to your many other obligations. Schedule your first session today and check “puppy training” off your to-do list.



Ten one-hour sessions for $1195 
first and final session include you and your family
Six-week class for $265
Ten one-hour sessions for $1195 
first and final session include you and your family


If you want a well-behaved dog for years to come, socialization is key. However, taking your puppy to a street festival or a busy dog park is not socialization. Loud, busy environments can actually cause trauma that your puppy will carry for the rest of his life.

I’ll guide you through proper socialization, at a pace that works for you and your puppy. We’ll introduce him to novel objects, everyday noises, other dogs, and people (lots and lots of people) to assure he grows into a social, happy dog.

Start socializing your puppy todaythe right way.

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How I’ve helped other puppy owners get off to a great start!

“This past summer we adopted a collie puppy. After mentioning my trainer search to a neighbor who has two dogs, I received a glowing review of Susan Marett. Let me just say, if you have a dog who could use some training (puppy, adult, tween, whatever,) Susan is amazing. I purchased an in-home training session. Susan came out (on time!) and sat down with me for about an hour and discussed what exactly I wanted to address. I had sent her an email before our visit with a list of my concerns and what I would like to train our puppy to do. She was patient and thoughtful and explained what goals were realistic. Before she left, he understood “sit” and “leave it.” She even had our preschooler giving him commands. The whole visit was informative and we were so comfortable with Susan–it was like we had known her for years. If you have a dog or are thinking about getting a dog, I can’t recommend contacting Susan enough. It will make your life and your dog’s life so much more enjoyable.” Georgeanne Cheung