Private Training

Real-world dog behavior solutions for your jam-packed life.

You don’t have time to attend weekly training classes, and you’d never hear the trainer’s instructions over your dog’s non-stop barking. Or you’d be a nervous wreck, worrying that your growling or lunging dog may bite another dog in class. Plus, you’re concerned about your puppy running away every time your kids pet him.

Would a trainer address your dog’s behavioral issues in a group class?

Focus on YOUR concerns with private training, and get faster results. We’ll train in your home, neighborhood park, or family member’s housewherever you need your dog to behave.

Check “dog training” off your to-do list today.

I’ll create simple solutions that fit into your routine so you can enjoy life with a well-behaved dog. With scientifically-sound, proven techniques gentle enough for young puppies or senior dogs, you’ll wish you called me sooner. 

Purely Positive Manners Package

Delightful dog habits are on the horizon. This program is perfect if you’re a new dog or puppy owner. We’ll teach your pup manners like sitting at doorways, laying down when asked, leash walking, and come commands. Or, perhaps, life’s been too busy to address your resident canine’s jumping, housebreaking, barking, or crate training issues? I’m happy to help you polish your pup’s less-than-perfect behaviors—whatever they may be.

Purely Positive Behavior Package

While I’m committed to providing tangible tools to tackle training issues, as quickly as possiblebehavioral issues are serious. If your dogs are fighting, your pup is struggling with anxiety or fear, or your dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior towards ANYONE, this is the package for you.

This program is also great for overwhelmed new puppy owners. I’ll provide the extra support you need while teaching your adorable, peeing-everywhere puppy to chew on his toys, NOT your kids’ arms.

Regardless of the problem, I’ll create a practical plan to improve your dog or puppy’s behaviorwith a focus on progress during every session.

Purely Positive Day Training Package

Is your work schedule so crazy that you barely have time to sleep? Or do you spend your entire day shuttling kids to soccer practice and music lessons? Let me train your dog for you!

I’ll customize your dog or puppy’s sessions based on whatever you needleash walking, quieting himself around strangers, coming in from the backyard, settling when guests arriveyou name it. I’ll train your dog while you work, run errands, or enjoy time with family. Then, I’ll show you how to maintain your dog’s new skills in your last lesson.

Virtual Coaching and Consultations

With virtual sessions, we can see your puppy or dog in his home environment, troubleshoot issues you’re having with problem behaviors, and answer any training questions you might have in real time. Miss a training tip or want to review all of the nuances of teaching a specific skill? Watch the recording from our time together as many times as you like until our next online meeting. You’ll receive all lesson recordings, written training notes, and training videos to support your process. We’ll also be reviewing your work, as much as you like, via any videos or notes you send us by phone or email. Is your dog afraid of strangers, unknown dogs, or new environments? Is car travel challenging? Online training is the solution.

Not ready to commit to a package?

I happily provide one-hour training sessions for $165 in Charleston, Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, and the Lowcounty.

Schedule your first session today!

Here’s how private lessons have been a game changer!

“Susan changed our lives. After a terrible experience with another trainer that sent our fearful dog into a spiral of aggression and dangerous behavior, we thought we were going to be facing a lawsuit soon and might be forced to put him down (he’d bit several of my friends and some strangers). As a behaviorist myself, I thought I would be able to turn him around without the help of another professional. I was wrong. It helped tremendously having an unbiased, third party who could advise our training and supplement our work with the latest techniques and methods designed specifically for fearful dogs. Her knowledge and experience was indispensable. We can finally have friends over again. We can take our dog on walks where he actually ENJOYS being outside instead of cowering in fear and attacking anyone who walks by. We can even take him into stores with us! He’s like a whole new dog and we couldn’t be happier.” Kelsey Burnette